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Htar Htar Thet

Htar Htar Thet

2015 Class, Burma
Liberty and Leadership Forum

Htar Htar Thet is a former political prisoner and a co-founder of the Peace Academy Myanmar, which works in alliance with the Myanmar Institute of Peace and Security Studies (MIPSS).  She works on civic education projects, women’s leadership, and enhancing youth participation in politics.

Htar Htar Thet co-founded the 2007 New Generation Students Union (2007 NGSU) to help lead student demands for rights in Burma.  Since then, the 2007 NGSU has evolved into a defining voice in civil society and advocating for government change and policy.

In 2007, during the height of the Saffron Revolution, Htar Htar Thet was arrested and sentenced to 19 years in prison in a closed tribunal staged inside Insein Prison. She was transferred to Khamti Prison, from which she was released under the general amnesty granted on January 13, 2012.

Upon her release, she re-established the Crown International English and Capacity Building School to offer training programs in leadership, community development, English language studies, civic education, and women’s empowerment.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology in 2006. 

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