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Hadeer Maher

Hadeer Maher

2013 Fellow
Women's Initiative Fellowship Program

Hadeer is a rising social entrepreneur who is focused on social innovation and rural development.  She is the head of the Entrepreneurial Sector at Step Up Youth Initiative, a prominent NGO in Egypt.  Through her work, Hadeer teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the tools they need to establish and maintain start-up companies.

Hadeer is passionate about education.  When she recognized that rural villagers did not have easy access to a school or public library, she organized the building of “bookshelves” to spread the culture of reading and promote self-development among the youth and children.  Hadeer believes Egyptian youth hold the promise of a bright future in their country, and she desires to help shape these young minds into tomorrow’s leaders.

Hadeer holds a degree in Chinese from Aim Shams University in Cairo.

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