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Eya Bouchoucha

Women's Initiative Fellow 2015

Eya is a Tunisian lawyer and law professor specializing in business law.  Eya obtained her Master’s diploma in Business Law in 2012 from the University of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis.  In 2013, Eya joined the law university as a private law assistant, where she teaches arbitration, commercial, and corporate law. Prior to this opportunity, she worked at Ferchiou and Associates Law Firm as a team leader and legal consultant.

Eya is a member of a banking, financial and business law research unit in Tunisia. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Private Law.  In addition to her legal career, Eya volunteers at the Rotarct Club, where she organizes events to raise funds for those less fortunate.  She believes a solid justice system is key to a strong democracy and wants to ensure Tunisian women are a part of the democracy-building process.

Update: March 2016

Eya is a Tunisian lawyer and law professor with a strong commitment to advocating for women's rights through her work in civil society. Eya believes that a strong justice system is the key to a healthy democracy, and is working to ensure that Tunisian women are an integral part of the democracy building process.

Following her return to Tunisia after the Women’s Initiative Fellowship, Eya joined Junior Chamber International and organized a debate, conference, and workshop for International Women’s Day, March 8, in Tunisia. Through the workshop Eya hoped to give women the tools they need to achieve success, offer advice on how to construct effective projects and share practical ways to take advantage of networking opportunities. Eya also joined the association of another Women’s Initiative Fellow, Emna Jeblaoui, and recently became the legal advisor to yet another organization, the International Institute for Human Development (IiDH). Through these three associations, Eya has organized various events and trainings to promote women's rights in various regions across Tunisia.

Eya credits the sessions at Southern Methodist University for her success as a leader. She believes that the best way to improve her country is by empowering women.

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