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Cyrine Cheikhrouhou

Women's Initiative Fellow 2015

Cyrine is currently finishing her common law Master’s degree at the University of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis.  In addition to her studies, she works for the Independent High Authority for Elections, a government agency tasked with organizing and supervising the elections in Tunisia.  She believes that equality for women in Tunisia in not only a right, but an obligation. 

She is passionate about protecting women’s rights and advocates for human rights through academic workshops and public service projects.  Cyrine hopes to use her law degree and knowledge of the electoral process to educate other woman about the importance of their participation in democracy.  She has previously volunteered for a women’s empowerment organization in Pakistan.

Cyrine received her Bachelor’s degree in private law, as well as her certificate as a trainer of citizenship and human rights from Beirut Arab University in the summer of 2014.

Update: March 2016

Cyrine joined the Women’s Initiative Fellowship with a deep belief that equality for women in Tunisia is both a right and an obligation. As a co-founder of Handhala for Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the fundamental rights of children, youth, and women, Cyrine is working to ensure that these rights are realized. In less than a year, Handhala for Humanity’s following on social media has increased from 600 followers to more than 8,700, with the numbers continuing to rise.  In 2016, Handhala for Humanity launched a multi-media campaign to celebrate the strength and beauty of women combating cancer.  The organization’s educational program, Our Kids, will be introduced in Tunisian schools in 2016 and will focus on teaching children the values of human rights, citizenship, and equality, while providing artistic venues for self-expression.

During her fellowship, Cyrine completed her master’s thesis at Tunisia’s Legal, Political, and Social Sciences University, which allowed her to perform a comparative analysis of freedom of expression in art between Tunisia and the United States of America. Cyrine also accepted a position working for the Tunisian Parliament, which provided her with valuable exposure to Tunisia’s political system. Cyrine is now designing a children’s card game that builds self-confidence, tolerance and equality. She remains dedicated to applying all she has learned from the Women’s Initiative Fellowship towards the betterment of Tunisia.

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