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Afghan Women's Project

Afghan women have made hard-won gains in the past decade.  Today, girls can attend school.  Women hold important positions in local and national government and play a vital role in the economy.  Yet, serious threats to women remain.

For Afghanistan to become a fully inclusive society, women’s rights must be protected and expanded.  The Bush Institute’s Afghan Women’s Project spotlights the struggles and successes of Afghan women by telling their personal stories, publishing briefings and reports, and highlighting beneficial projects.

We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope

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On March 8, 2016, the Bush Institute released We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope. With an introduction by Mrs. Bush, the book highlights the stories of extraordinarily resilient women and their struggles, successes, and resolve in present-day Afghanistan.

“It is important for those of us around the world, both women and men, to stop and listen to Afghanistan’s women. How can we help change the lives of women in Afghanistan? The women in these pages have their own thoughtful answers. By listening, we also have a chance to learn.” – Mrs. Laura Bush


75% of adult Afghan women cannot read or write or do basic math

Stories of Afghan Women: Leading Change

Supporting the Women of Afghanistan

“I hope Americans will join our family in working to ensure that dignity and opportunity will be secured for all the women and children of Afghanistan.” - Mrs. Laura Bush

You can help invest in the success of Afghan women and promote their efforts to ensure the security and prosperity of future generations there by supporting our work or the work of these unique organizations.

1 in 20

1 in 20 girls continue going to school after completing 6th grade

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"The young generation, if they receive sustained support from the international community, is the hope."
– Onaba Payab, 2014 valedictorian at the American University of Afghanistan

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