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Statement by President George W. Bush on Afghanistan's National Elections

April 6, 2014


“Laura and I congratulate the more than seven million people of Afghanistan who voted in historic elections this weekend.  By casting their ballots and participating in their young democracy, the Afghan people are sending a clear message to the Taliban and the world that they choose freedom over oppression.  The government officials who ran the successful elections deserve our praise, as do the security forces who worked to keep the polls safe.  Laura and I commend the candidates on their campaigns and their willingness to serve their country, and we thank President Karzai for his commitment to a peaceful transition.  The people of Afghanistan deserve to live in liberty, and they are demonstrating their commitment to building a democratic society.  We applaud their courage, and we thank the men and women from the United States and our Coalition partners in the military, intelligence services, and diplomatic corps who have, with the people of Afghanistan, worked so hard and sacrificed so much to make this possible.”