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George W. Bush Institute Human Freedom Fellow Headlines Council on Foreign Relations Roundtable

February 3, 2013

Dr. Mohsen Sazegara to Lead Discussion on the Pro-Democracy Movement in Iran and the Current Global State of Human Freedom
Dr. Mohsen Sazegara, a Visiting Fellow in Human Freedom at the George W. Bush Institute, today participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations. Dr. Sazegara, a major figure in the Green Movement in Iran, is an exiled Iranian citizen currently living in the United States and recently joined Oscar Morales of Colombia, the founder of One Million Voices Against the FARC, as the second Visiting Fellow in Human Freedom at the Institute.

“The work of the Bush Institute is aimed at emboldening dissidents and freedom advocates around the world with the goal of building a powerful network to support freedom causes,” said Dr. Sazegara. “Discussions such as this one held by the Council of Foreign Relations are crucial in figuring out what steps we can take to alleviate repression wherever it exists and advance the cause of human freedom globally.”

Dr. Sazegara was a founding member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and key aide to Ayatollah Khomeini before becoming disillusioned with Iran’s regime and its often brutal repression of Iran’s people. He has since actively worked for greater freedom and democracy for his native Iran. Dr. Sazegara was joined in the conversation by Nisid Hajari, managing editor of Newsweek.

Human freedom, education reform, global health and economic growth make up the four areas of engagement for the George W. Bush Institute. In human freedom, the Institute is currently working on the development of an annual conference for pro-democracy dissidents, the creation of a video series on effective dissent and the release of the Freedom Collection, which presents the personal stories of struggle and achievement told by the men and women who led freedom movements from the last century through present day.

About the George W. Bush Institute:
The George W. Bush Institute’s mission is to unleash human potential around the world through expanding human freedom, educational reform, global health, and economic growth. In all its programming, the Institute seeks to empower women and social entrepreneurs as proven agents of change in society. The Institute is part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which includes the Presidential library, located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. For more information, please visit www.bushcenter.com.