Earning LEED Certification

The George W. Bush Presidential Center earned Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) program in March 2013. The LEED building certification program encourages the use of designs, materials and systems that are sustainable, energy efficient and reduce a facility’s impact on the environment and human health. The Bush Center is the first presidential library to achieve LEED Platinum certification under New Construction (v2009).

LEED features


  • Platinum (highest attainable)

Site Development:

  • Restored habitat by planting more than 70 percent of site (17.6 acres)
  • Reduce “heat island” effect using materials with Solar Reflective Index of at least 29

Construction and Materials:

  • 20 percent recycled materials, majority of construction waste diverted from landfills
  • Low-VOC-emitting products and finishes to maintain high indoor air quality
  • Regionally sourced materials:
    • Texas Cordova cream limestone walls, trim and coping – 150 miles
    • Permian sea coral limestone water table from near the Bushes hometown of Midland, Texas, – 150 miles
    • Lueders paving – 150 miles
    • Burlington blend brick – under 500 miles
    • Texas mesquite hard wood floors – 200 miles o Stained pecan interior paneling – 200 miles o Trees from Central Texas – 100 mile


  • Facility water use reduced by up to 40 percent
  • Water efficient landscaping:
    • 252,000-gallon irrigation cistern for pre-treating rain water before storage o Storage of rain water to meet 50 percent of site irrigation demands
    • Native plants, which require less water than non-native species

Energy Efficiency:

  • Green roof systems: 1,550 square feet in three areas, reducing cooling and heating demands
  • Solar hot water system: 2,500 square feet of panels with 1,800 gallons storage capacity, supplies 100 percent of the Bush Center’s domestic hot water
  • Solar photovoltaic system: 19,000 square feet of panels, capable of generating 164 kilowatts or 9.5 percent of the Bush Center’s energy demand
  • High-performance, low-iron insulated glazing units to reduce heating and cooling loads
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems to reduce energy demand
  • Deep exterior overhangs to shade Bush Center building

Alternate Transportation:

  • Near Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail and bus service
  • Parking designated for low-emission, fuel-efficient and carpool vehicles