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10 big takeaways from TEDxSMU 2013

Eric Bing, a senior fellow and the director of global health at the George W. Bush Institute as well as a professor of global health at SMU, wondered why medical care isn’t approached more like a business.

A cancer that need not kill

I was a Harvard-educated doctor, yet I couldn't save my mother from dying of an easily preventable disease. I am determined that her death will not have been in vain.

The Big Idea: 'Pharmacy on a Bicycle'

Eric Bing, co-author of “Pharmacy on a Bicycle,” talks with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin about his efforts to improve health care around the world.

Eric Bing: Missing link in fighting Third World disease - entrepreneurs

Points asked Dr. Eric Bing, senior fellow and director of global health at the George W. Bush Institute and an SMU professor in global health, to explain why medicine delivery is the new big challenge.

Bikes, backroads and pharmacies

The Bush Institute launched a Red Ribbon Pink Ribbon project about two years ago to combat the spread of cervical cancer in Africa and elsewhere. A key player in that work is Dr. Eric Bing, who directs the Bush Institute’s global health initiative.

Global health expert calls Bush Institute home

“We are really excited to have Eric Bing join the faculty,” SMU President R. Gerald Turner said in a recent interview with The Daily Campus. “He may be one of the best known Americans working on health issues in Africa.”

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Pharmacy on a Bicycle - Preview

Preview from Eric Bing's Pharmacy on a Bicycle.